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125mil TMM13i PCB Board With Immersion Gold For Global Positioning Systems Antennas

China Bicheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Bicheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd certification
Kevin, Received and tested the boards - thanks very much. These are perfect, exactly what we needed. rgds Rich

—— Rich Rickett

Ruth, I got the PCB today, and they are just perfect. Please stay a little patience, my next order is coming soon. Kind regards from Hamburg Olaf

—— Olaf Kühnhold

Hi Natalie. It was perfect, I attach some pictures for your reference. And I send you next 2 projects to budget. Thanks a lot again

—— Sebastian Toplisek

Kevin, Thanks, they were perfectly made, and work well. As promised, here are the links for my latest project, using the PCBs you manufactured for me: Regards, Daniel

—— Daniel Ford

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125mil TMM13i PCB Board With Immersion Gold For Global Positioning Systems Antennas

125mil TMM13i PCB Board With Immersion Gold For Global Positioning Systems Antennas
125mil TMM13i PCB Board With Immersion Gold For Global Positioning Systems Antennas 125mil TMM13i PCB Board With Immersion Gold For Global Positioning Systems Antennas

Large Image :  125mil TMM13i PCB Board With Immersion Gold For Global Positioning Systems Antennas

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Bicheng
Certification: UL, ISO9001, IATF16949
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
Price: USD 9.99-99.99/PCS
Packaging Details: Vacuum bags+Cartons
Delivery Time: 8-9 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5000PCS per month
Detailed Product Description
High Light:

Immersion Gold Thermoset Microwave PCB


125mil PCB Board


Global Positioning Systems Antennas PCB Board

Introducing TMM13i PCB, a thermoset microwave PCB manufactured by Rogers Corporation, renowned for its exceptional properties.


TMM13i, a member of the TMM series, combines the advantages of ceramic and PTFE substrates while offering the simplicity of soft substrate processing techniques. Specifically designed for strip-line and micro-strip applications that demand high plated thru-hole reliability, this ceramic thermoset polymer composite is an excellent choice.


Let's delve into the specifications of TMM13i:


TMM13i Typical Properties:

One of the standout features of TMM13i is its highly consistent dielectric constant (Dk) of 12.2 across a wide frequency range of 8GHz to 40 GHz. This characteristic has been precisely measured using the Differential Phase Length Method.


The process Dk, measured by IPC-TM-650, stands at 12.85±0.35 at 10 GHz.


To ensure clear and robust signal transmission, TMM13i boasts a low dissipation factor of 0.0019 at 10 GHz.


In terms of electrical performance, TMM13i exhibits an insulation resistance exceeding 2000 Gohm, measured by C/96/60/95 ASTM D257. Furthermore, it showcases a high electrical strength of 213 V/mil, determined by IPC-TM-650 method


Property TMM13i Direction Units Condition Test Method
Dielectric Constant,εDesign 12.2 - - 8GHz to 40 GHz Differential Phase Length Method
Dielectric Constant,εProcess 12.85±0.35 Z   10 GHz IPC-TM-650
Dissipation Factor (process) 0.0019 Z - 10 GHz IPC-TM-650
Insulation Resistance >2000 - Gohm C/96/60/95 ASTM D257
Electrical Strength (dielectric strength) 213 Z V/mil - IPC-TM-650 method
Thermal Properties
Thermal Coefficient of dielectric constant -70 - ppm/°K -55℃-125℃ IPC-TM-650
Decompositioin Temperature(Td) 425 425 ℃TGA - ASTM D3850
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion - X 19 X ppm/K 0 to 140 ℃ ASTM E 831 IPC-TM-650, 2.4.41
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion - Y 19 Y ppm/K 0 to 140 ℃ ASTM E 831 IPC-TM-650, 2.4.41
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion - Z 20 Z ppm/K 0 to 140 ℃ ASTM E 831 IPC-TM-650, 2.4.41
Mechanical Properties
Copper Peel Strength after Thermal Stress 4.0 (0.7) X,Y lb/inch (N/mm) after solder float 1 oz. EDC IPC-TM-650 Method 2.4.8
Physical Properties
Moisture Absorption 1.27mm (0.050") 0.16 - % D/24/23 ASTM D570
  3.18mm (0.125") 0.13        
Specific Gravity 3 - - A ASTM D792
Lead-Free Process Compatible YES - - - -


These remarkable electrical properties position TMM13i as an ideal choice for applications requiring critical electrical isolation, especially in high-voltage scenarios.


Regarding its thermal properties, TMM13i demonstrates a thermal coefficient of dielectric constant of -70 ppm/°K over a wide temperature range of -55℃ to 125℃, measured by IPC-TM-650


With a high decomposition temperature (Td) of 425℃, as determined by ASTM D3850, TMM13i is exceptionally suited for deployment in high-temperature environments.


Furthermore, TMM13i exhibits low coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) of 19 ppm/°K in the X and Y directions, and 20 ppm/°K in the Z direction, measured by ASTM E 831 IPC-TM-650, 2.4.41. Its isotropic CTE closely matches that of copper, which is 17 ppm/°K. This enables the production of high-reliability plated through holes and ensures low etch shrinkage values.


In terms of mechanical properties, TMM13i boasts a copper peel strength of 4.0 lb/inch (0.7 N/mm) after solder float with 1 oz. ED copper, as measured by IPC-TM-650 Method 2.4.8.


When it comes to moisture absorption, TMM13i maintains a rate of 0.16% at 1.27mm (50mil) thickness and 0.13% at 3.18mm (125mil) thickness, as determined by ASTM D570. This showcases its resilience in humid conditions.


With a specific gravity of 3 and compatibility with lead-free processes, TMM13i aligns with environmentally conscious applications.

For TMM13i PCBs, we provide a range of options, including single-sided boards, double-sided boards, multi-layer boards, and hybrid types.


Our TMM13i PCBs are available in various thicknesses, including standard options such as 20 mils, 30 mils, 60 mils, 100 mils, 200 mils, and 300 mils. Additionally, we offer flexibility, with thicknesses ranging from as thin as 15 mils to as thick as 500 mils, catering to the requirements of our designers.


Finished copper on tracks can be 1 oz. or 2 oz.


The maximum PCB size for TMM13i is 400mm by 500mm. Whether it's a single board or a panel with multiple designs, we ensure excellent quality and precision.


Solder mask colors options including green, black, blue, red, and yellow etc.


We provide a variety of surface finish options for pads, such as immersion gold, HASL, immersion silver, immersion tin, ENEPIG, bare copper, OSP, and pure gold.


PCB material: Ceramic Hydrocarbon Thermoset Polymer Composites
Designation: TMM13i
Dielectric constant: 12.85
Layer count: Sinlge-sided PCB, Double-sided PCB, Multi-layer PCB, Hybrid PCB
PCB thickness: 15mil (0.381mm), 20mil (0.508mm), 25mil (0.635mm), 30mil(0.762mm), 50mil (1.27mm), 60mil (1.524mm), 75mil(1.905mm), 100mil (2.54mm), 125mil (3.175mm), 150mil (3.81mm), 200mil (5.08mm), 250mil (6.35mm), 275mil (6.985mm), 300mil (7.62mm), 500mil (12.7mm)
Copper weight: 1oz (35µm), 2oz (70µm)
PCB size: ≤400mm X 500mm
Solder mask: Green, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow etc.
Surface finish: Immersion gold, HASL, Immersion silver, Immersion tin, ENEPIG, Bare copper, OSP, Pure gold plated etc..


Machining TMM13i laminates is successfully accomplished using conventional carbide tools. With proper routing conditions and tool selection, tool life can exceed 250 linear inches when working with TMM13i circuit boards.


It's worth noting that drilling TMM13i materials requires certain safety measures due to the abrasive nature of the ceramic filler. We recommend avoiding tools with high surface speeds (>500 SFM) and low chip loads (0.002"/rev.) to prevent excessive heat generation and tool wear.


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