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The largest Taiwanese PCB manufacturer in Thailand has announced its revenue for April.

China Bicheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Bicheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd certification
Kevin, Received and tested the boards - thanks very much. These are perfect, exactly what we needed. rgds Rich

—— Rich Rickett

Ruth, I got the PCB today, and they are just perfect. Please stay a little patience, my next order is coming soon. Kind regards from Hamburg Olaf

—— Olaf Kühnhold

Hi Natalie. It was perfect, I attach some pictures for your reference. And I send you next 2 projects to budget. Thanks a lot again

—— Sebastian Toplisek

Kevin, Thanks, they were perfectly made, and work well. As promised, here are the links for my latest project, using the PCBs you manufactured for me: Regards, Daniel

—— Daniel Ford

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Company News
The largest Taiwanese PCB manufacturer in Thailand has announced its revenue for April.
Latest company news about The largest Taiwanese PCB manufacturer in Thailand has announced its revenue for April.

Taiwanese Thai Ding, the largest PCB manufacturer in Thailand, recently announced its revenue for April, reaching 1.076 billion New Taiwan Dollars (NTD), with a monthly growth of over 14%. The company mentioned that the first quarter was the bottom.


Thai Ding reported a 1.4% decrease in April's revenue compared to the previous year, with a cumulative revenue of 3.891 billion NTD for the first four months of this year, a decrease of 11.3% compared to the previous year. Looking ahead, Thai Ding stated that the first quarter of this year was the bottom, and they aim to have better operations in the second quarter compared to the same period last year.


In addition, on April 30th, the Taiwan Stock Exchange announced the results of the 10th "Corporate Governance Evaluation." Thai Ding mentioned that they have achieved a score above 100 for the second consecutive year and have entered the top 5% for the first time. In the category of electronic companies with a market value between 5 and 10 billion NTD, Thai Ding's ranking has also risen to the top 5%, making it the only listed PCB company on the list, demonstrating the company's recognized achievements in strengthening corporate governance.


Thai Ding pointed out that they have achieved excellent results in the four aspects of the 10th evaluation: "Safeguarding shareholder rights and treating shareholders equally," "Strengthening board structure and operations," "Enhancing information transparency," and "Promoting sustainable development." In terms of strengthening board structure and operations, the company has a female director on its board and has established a sustainable development committee, with half of its members serving as independent directors, enhancing the independence of sustainable governance. Last year, they also obtained the ISO 27001 information security management system certification, formally aligning with international standards and deepening the company's sustainable business layout and strength.


Regarding information transparency, Thai Ding stated that the company's shareholders' meeting in 2024 will be conducted through online live streaming, and the entire process will be recorded and uploaded to the company's official website, allowing shareholders who are unable to attend to view the meeting content. In terms of information disclosure, the company uploads the annual shareholder meeting report ahead of the statutory deadline and announces the Chinese financial report within two months after the end of the accounting year. Since 2016, they have voluntarily prepared both Chinese and English versions of the sustainability report each year and will release the first climate-related financial disclosure and risk management report (TCFD) in 2024, ensuring that investors have the right to access company information in a timely manner.


latest company news about The largest Taiwanese PCB manufacturer in Thailand has announced its revenue for April.  0


Source: Economic Daily

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