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Pengding Holdings currently has multiple on-board products certified, including battery soft boards.

China Bicheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Bicheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd certification
Kevin, Received and tested the boards - thanks very much. These are perfect, exactly what we needed. rgds Rich

—— Rich Rickett

Ruth, I got the PCB today, and they are just perfect. Please stay a little patience, my next order is coming soon. Kind regards from Hamburg Olaf

—— Olaf Kühnhold

Hi Natalie. It was perfect, I attach some pictures for your reference. And I send you next 2 projects to budget. Thanks a lot again

—— Sebastian Toplisek

Kevin, Thanks, they were perfectly made, and work well. As promised, here are the links for my latest project, using the PCBs you manufactured for me: Regards, Daniel

—— Daniel Ford

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Pengding Holdings currently has multiple on-board products certified, including battery soft boards.

PCB News, 2023-07-04 11:43, published in Guangdong.


According to recent structural research, global PCB leader Pengding Holdings stated that the company's products have strong versatility. In the next few years, the company plans to invest in projects such as high-end HDI boards and SLP boards, automotive and server boards, and soft board projects in Kaohsiung. The completion of these projects will further enhance the company's service capabilities in the consumer electronics and automotive and server fields, and improve the company's product layout.


Pengding Holdings has already established a mature layout in the automotive PCB field. It is reported that Pengding Holdings mainly focuses on battery boards, domain controller boards, camera modules, radar and other sensor boards in the field of automotive electronics. Currently, multiple on-board products have been certified, including battery soft boards, self-driving domain controllers, radar modules, camera modules, and related products have also been supplied in batches. The company's customers in the automotive electronics field are mainly battery

factories and Tier 1 suppliers.


Pengding Holdings stated that since its establishment, the company has always served international leading brand customers, and has good company management capabilities, strong technical research and development strength, timely and rapid order response capabilities, stable product quality assurance capabilities, and can guarantee timely mass production and delivery to customers, providing customers with high-quality and leading products and services.


The new trends of the booming development of the electronics industry in the future have provided Pengding Holdings with excellent development opportunities. The company keeps up with the trend of electronic product development and reserves the research and development technology of high-reliability car-grade, micro-LED, millimeter-wave level, AI high-speed operation and ARVR, smart wearable-related products in advance, and has the technical strength for the industrialization of key products. At the same time, in the new generation of information and communication industry, the company continues to increase its deep layout in the direction of 5G, 6G, cloud, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, new energy, and on-board electronics product research and development, focusing on five main axes of new materials, new products, new processes, new equipment, and new technologies, and focusing on key common technologies and cutting-edge product technologies, in order to grasp the direction of key common technologies and product development.


The management team, with the company's chairman as the core, attaches great importance to steady enterprise management. The company uses market analysis as the basis to establish its business vision, business objectives, and business strategies, and solidly expands its industrial layout step by step.


In addition, Pengding Holdings has good financial indicators and cash flow levels, a healthy financial condition, and good risk resistance, which can help the company continuously expand and achieve sustainable development. These factors have a positive significance in boosting market confidence.






Information source: Securities Star, PCB News Network compiled and reported.


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