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High Frequency PCB Based on RO3003 Laminates

China Bicheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Bicheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd certification
Kevin, Received and tested the boards - thanks very much. These are perfect, exactly what we needed. rgds Rich

—— Rich Rickett

Ruth, I got the PCB today, and they are just perfect. Please stay a little patience, my next order is coming soon. Kind regards from Hamburg Olaf

—— Olaf Kühnhold

Hi Natalie. It was perfect, I attach some pictures for your reference. And I send you next 2 projects to budget. Thanks a lot again

—— Sebastian Toplisek

Kevin, Thanks, they were perfectly made, and work well. As promised, here are the links for my latest project, using the PCBs you manufactured for me: Regards, Daniel

—— Daniel Ford

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High Frequency PCB Based on RO3003 Laminates
Latest company news about High Frequency PCB Based on RO3003 Laminates

Hello everyone,


Today, We are going to spend a few minutes to talk about RO3003 high frequency PCBs.


Rogers RO3003 high frequency materials are ceramic-filled PTFE composites intended for using in commercial microwave and RF applications. Its obvious characteristic is the exceptional electrical performance and the mechanical property is stable and consistent. This allows our designers to develop multi-layer board design feeling free and free, without encountering warpage or reliability problems.


Let’s take a look at the data sheet, and the data sheet shows many different properties of the material.


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First, RO3003 has a low dielectric constant value of 3 +/- 0.04, and low dissipation factor of 0.001 at 10GHz. This low Dk loss allows for use in applications up to 77 GHz.


The next is excellent stability of dielectric constant over various temperatures and frequencies. This stability includes the elimination of the step change in Dk that typically occurs near room temperature with PTFE glass materials. This is ideal for automotive radar applications at 77 and 79 GHz, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and 5G mmWave wireless infrastructure.


RO3003 materials exhibit a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) in the X and Y axis of 17 and 16 ppm/°C respectively. This expansion coefficient is matched to that of copper (17 ppm/°C), which allows the material to exhibit excellent dimensional stability, with typical etch shrinkage of less than 0.5 mils per inch. The Z-axis CTE is 24 ppm/ °C, which provides exceptional plated through-hole reliability, even in severe thermal environments.


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For RO3003 PCBs, we can provide you with single layer board, double layer board, multi-layer board and hybrid types. RO3003 PCBs have wide thickness. These are the standard thickness such as 10 mils, 20 mils, 30 mils and 60mils etc.


Finished copper on PCB can be 1oz, 2oz and 3oz. Our maximum PCB size on high frequency materials is 400mm by 500mm, it can be a single board in the sheet and also can be different designs in this panel.


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Solder mask of green, black, blue and yellow etc is available in house. There’s immersion gold, HASL, immersion silver, immersion tin, bare copper etc. for pads plating.


We can also see its applications in automotive radar, GPS antennas and direct broadcast satellite etc.


RO3003 PCBs also have low moisture absorption of 0.04%, thermal conductivity of 0.5 W/m/K. This benefits for the heat management devices. The manufacturing process of RO3003 high frequency PCB is similar to standard PTFE PCB, so it’s suitable for volume manufacturing process to win the market.


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